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iFindCar is a simple and fun, yet effective iPhone app for finding your way back to your parked car. Never lose your car in a parking lot again!

iFindCar currently requires iOS5 or above and an iPhone 3GS, 4G or 4GS to operate.

Updated Version
Available Now!!

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GoldTrader101 is a simple to use, money saving calculator for determining the metal value of old, broken or unwanted jewelry and precious metals. "Turn your Bling into... Cha-Ching!"

By knowing the value of your jewelry's metal, and by shopping around to different dealers, you can increase the cash in YOUR pocket and NOT the pocket of the dealer! This could be a savings of hundreds of dollars!!

GoldTrader101 makes getting the most money for your scrap jewelry and precious metals easy. GoldTrader101 even looks up the current metal prices from the internet and does all the math for you!
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TDHENG is a small group of coders that write application software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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TDHENG is dedicated to bringing to market the best and most useful iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch utility applications possible. We actually use our own apps!